Cleon Peterson – “Victory” at Agnes B. Galerie du Jour

By on 31st December 2016

Cleon Peterson’s new exhibition ‘Victory’ opened at the Agnes B. Galerie du Jour on the 12th January 2017. With his recognisable warriors he has sought to depict the hedonistic glory savoured by those victorious in battle while the victims are brutalised, oppressed and crushed in defeat, maybe seeking to instil that sense of unease as the victorious warriors are admired in their glory and then your eyes cast to the victims in their wake. 

With a variety of works on display in many mediums, from reasonably sized paintings on board to gigantic murals that completely dominate the space, the Agnes B. Galerie du Jour provides the perfect setting allowing you the space you need to stand back and admire the work.  

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