Dran TIENS @ Adda Gallery

By on 5th April 2017

Back in the Summer of 2016 Adda Gallery hosted dran’s first solo show for quite some time. We had last seen him at the ‘White Walls’ show in Soho where he started with bare walls and progressively painted the entire gallery over a 2 week period but there had been nothing near a full body of work for years.  We decided to make the trek to Belgium for the show, and as the gallery was in the heart of Brussels we also got so see the remaining Invaders that where still scattered through the city as well, result. 

It was a great show and well worth the journey. Pictures published in the pre-sale pdf were a bit poor and there was some concern that it was going to be a let-down however, once inside the venue and seeing all of the work it was clear all of the old Dran wit and dark humour was still there. The show did feature some of his earlier works on cardboard and some sketches but the majority of the work was newly painted for the show and featured some fantastic canvases.  The opening night was absolutely packed and although dran left as the show opened we were treated to a really great show along with great hospitality from Adda Gallery.

All the show pics are here 

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