Rafael Sliks – Julie I – Print Available

By on 30th March 2017

Rafael Sliks “Julie I”
Lithograph 4 colors printed with Marinoni press lithographic and hand cut
Paper BFK Rives 250 g. 
100 x 71 cm (39.37 x 27.56 Inches)
Signed and Numbered

This lithograph has been made in collaboration with the famous Swiss model Julie Ordon and the French photographer Vincent Edmond Louis.

“A portrait of a beautiful girl… always pleasant to admire a beautiful girl. But, in the end, the face is not that important, since, if you concentrate on the eyes, they can say and express everything. Because, when you see the eyes, you can see inside the person.” Rafael Sliks invites us to think about the eyes, the vision and the communication an artist, a model and a spectator can actually create.

It’s a mix between seeing and being seen, through photo reproduction technique which helps to create a realist interaction between the model, Julie Ordon, and the spectator while the graffiti – Silks’ signature – reminds us that there is art, in between, us, and her. The hat gives a street artistic touch to the model which blends perfectly with the graffiti. Street art, graffiti, contemporary art, modelling: what do you see exactly ? What Rafael Sliks let you see, in the end ?

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