Jean Jullien – The Jaunt #030 – Print Available

By on 20th April 2017

Jean Jullien “The Jaunt #030”
4 colour, hand pulled, screen print
Edition of 50 prints
Signed and numbered by the artist
50 x 70 cm, frame not included
150 EUR

A little word from Jean Jullien

“A friend told me about Marfa just before my trip. She was ecstatic about it. That de nitely spiked my curiosity, and my further research certainly revealed it as a ‘one of a kind’ place. I expected a resourceful place, full of surprises, and my expectations were positively exceeded. There is a real sense of community that was very nice to be around and experience. I also really liked the scale of Marfa. It is quite small, surrounded by an incredibly vast landscape and seems to be a crossroads between other interesting locations around.

The sensation of travelling quite far to a remote location, which has a lot to offer, felt a bit like a treasure hunt. The dynamic in Marfa is very interesting, it’s a great mix of people, and the architecture is fantastic. The town also seemed to have its own sort of mythology, from the Marfa Lights, to Donald Judd, to the movie Giant, etc. I spent a lot of time drawing the old school cars, the houses and the desert landscape. For a French person from Brittany, it felt like I was a long way from home!  This second edition print is inspired by the name “the Big Bend” ( a Texan National Park, very close to Marfa) and what it made me think of after hearing a group of people arriving in the same time as us and going to Marfa for a Yoga retreat.”

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