Stanley Donwood – Adjust Your Set – Print Available

By on 22nd May 2017

Stanley Donwood “Adjust Your Set”
4 colour screen print on Somerset Tub Sized Satin 410gsm
Edition of 200
53 x 55 cm
Signed and numbered
£150 plus shipping

Produced by Vaughan Williams from Tin Dogs Fine Art, this 4 colour screen print really reflects on Stanley’s relationship with his partners in crime, Radiohead and the Shangri-La field at Glastonbury Festival.

What’s the Radiohead angry bear all about?

Stanley: “It isn’t angry; it’s hungry. It’s all the toys you used to play with when you were little. I first drew it for my daughter when she was about one. It was part of a story about how forgotten toys wake up in dusty boxes and go and eat the adults who abandoned them.”
Stanley has been contributing to the field with his artwork for many years, with both sharing the same belief that change can occur if you do something!

ShangrilART is a new art publishing company from the people behind the infamous Shangri-La field from Glastonbury festival.

  • ShangrilART will be supporting artists year-round with an online platform and upcoming events.
  • Profits are divided between artists and Shangri-La, which fund future projects, collaborations and ongoing development of what we do.

ShangrilART also features works from host of artists we have collaborated with over the years.

The launch collection features works from Mobstr, Charlie Anderson, Dr D, Carrie Reichardt & Bob Osborne, Angry Dan, Hugo Farmer and Andi Rivas.

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