Help Save the Stik Murals – Sign The Petition

By on 14th January 2017

 Stik Mural being sold by Lamberty Gallery (photo credit : Lamberty Gallery)

The petition for the return of the Stik Murals removed from Gdansk is still running and needs your support

GraffitiLadies have been running a campaign over on Change.Org to petition Andrew Lamberty of Lamberty Gallery for the return of the Stik Murals that were originally painted by the artist as a community Art project for the children of Gdansk. The container has been dismantled and is being sold in sections by Lamberty Gallery apparently without any prior consent, agreement or knowledge of the artist.
They currently have around 750 signatures and Stik would love to see them go beyond 1000 signatures……Have you signed the Petition yet ?

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