Banksy – The Walled Off Hotel – Bethlehem

By on 3rd March 2017

After months and months of rumour and speculation we can finally confirm that Banksy has decided to venture into the Hotel Business. The Hilton dynasty better watch their back ! 

The Walled Off Hotel is a 10 room facility decorated and designed by the artist. The bathroom of presidential Suite features a water tower strewn with bullet holes. The best view in the place looks immediately out on to the separation wall and the rest of the rooms have little to no view at all.

Details are still a little sketchy but we do know this is intended as a permanent venture and Banksy’s website will be updated in about 3 weeks so prospective visitors will be able to book a room and plan their visit ……..but this is as much as we have been able to glean from the internet so stay tuned for updates

all pictures courtesy of Emma Graham (twitter) , Channel4 News and the BBC 

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