Redemption – New Series of Work from Pejac

By on 10th March 2017

We have been very lucky to receive some pictures of the latest project Pejac has been working on. It seemed Pejac might have been taking it easy since his successful show at the London Newcastle Gallery in the summer of 2016 but after seeing this new series of works its clear he’s been very busy and is already preparing for his next show, due sometime in 2018. 

Entitled ‘Redemption’ this new series of drawings are on OSB Board. Made of compressed wood, he has used the individual wood shavings to create some magical drawings. The depth of the work and the attention to detail is sublime and the imagination and creativity to come up with the concept and actually execute it so perfectly shows incredible skill. 

Pejac continues to push the boundaries of his work both in concept and in the different mediums he uses. We cant wait to see what else he has in store and look forward to getting confirmed details of a future show 


”The beauty of the pressed wood seems to hide the arrogance of man in its relation with nature. These panels have some sort of aesthetic warmth but at the same time a sense of devastation, making it very contradictory, which directly refers to my way of understanding art. Expressing myself on thousands of small pieces of wood feels like “tattooing” on the stripped skins of trees. Each drawing in this Redemption series are tribute to nature. Any other subject would have been frivolous.” PEJACI

source Suben Art Management & Pejac 

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