Totally Pasted – A celebration of Wheat Paste and Sticker Artists

By on 3rd April 2017

Totally Pasted is a travelling art installation which will feature wheat paste and sticker artists and non-artists from around the globe. All art, whether you are consider yourself an artist or not, will be displayed. Submitted artwork will be pasted to a wall of plywood and shown around Northern Ontario. When the installation ends, the wall will be cut into 24″ x 24″ squares and auctioned off in support of a local shelter/ food bank.

The first installation will be sometime in early July and the project will end in mid-August. In addition to helping out our brothers and sisters in distress, Totally Pasted hopes to inspire rural artists who normally have no access to street art, wheat paste or sticker art and to open a dialogue between artists and non-artists about the benefits of public art. Wow… I typed “art” a lot in this paragraph. artartart.

The charity we hope to help is the Sault Ste. Marie St. Vincent Place. If you have some time/ spare cash, visit their site HERE!!!

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