Space Invader conquers Versailles

By on 21st July 2017

Versailles, The Royal City became the 72nd City to be invaded by the notorious Mosaic-Graffiti Bomber, Space Invader.

So far 10 Invaders have been located around the city in 3 waves, the invasion seems to be ongoing and we expect the population to grow even more.

Sadly, VRS_04 has already been removed but we have been lucky enough to be able to record all 10 so far.

We certainly hope to be able to add more to the gallery as and when they land. 

There are a mix of classic Space Invader designs along with more elaborate pieces, all having a very regal appearance as you would expect for such a splendid city.  

Thanks to @Elvyse, @swannitor and @sofiluno

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