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By on 10th February 2017

For their Inaugural Group-show, Unit:5 Gallery has brought together a great collection of some of the most active and well known names in Street Art to produce a series of sculptures, installations and interactive artworks to highlight the evolution and ever growing presence of multi-dimensional art that appears on our streets in all its forms. 

The use of sculpture as a street art medium is nothing new and there have been a long line of artists creating installations, some made in the studio and placed outside, others made with items reclaimed from the streets and re-appropriated as a piece of street art. The most prevalent artist in this field of current times being Invader but by no-means the only artist actively creating street art installations and sculpture with mediums other than paint alone.

What made this show unique was not only the dedication to feature sculptural / installation type work but it also sought to include a number of artists you may not immediately associate with sculptural work.

I hadn’t been to Unit:5 before so turning into an unfamiliar yard and finding a pair of trainers sticking out from beneath a white sheet was slightly unnerving……we’d either found it or were about to start a completely different adventure entirely. 

As well as the Biancoshock Hope from the seven deadly sins series Josh Jeavon’s sculptures-come-games were also available to have a play with. The Jenga blocks in particular were very nice and Josh was on-hand, mainly to protect everyone from the falling wooden blocks. The foyer had a nice work from Jonesy, a little bigger than his street pieces I’m used to seeing atop of road-sign poles but still full of environmental concern and consideration. on the opposite wall were a nice collection of pieces from the Push Crew made from coloured styrofoam.

Upstairs was nice and open with the work all well-lit, spacious enough to be able to take in some of the larger pieces and also spread out enough to allow you to enjoy some of the smaller works without fear of bashing anything.

It’s difficult to single out any individual piece of work, Herakut’s little figure was beautiful but then the Marble and Bronze sculpture from Jonesy was also a thing of beauty and immense skill. Isaac Cordal’s work never fails to raise a little smile, the confrontational elements so excellently presented from Will Coles and Edwin…. the Alex Void sculptures were incredible, Cityzen Kane always produces out of this world almost alien type amazements, Mobstr’s simple yet excellently delivered words, Pixel Pancho’s combination of metals and living plants to create a growing, evolving piece of work…..all in all I think Unit:5 have done a great job in bringing together such a diverse range of artists and the show presents a great selection of sculptural works to enjoy….defintiely worth a visit   

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