Space Invader – Hello, My Game Is…. Show Review & Pictures

By on 28th February 2017

Space Invader at Le Musée en Herbe, 23 Rue de l’Arbre-Sec 75001, Paris

After the announcement of Invader’s first show in Paris for 6 years there has been a buzz of excitement and some high-expectations for what has turned out to be a 9-Month Museum Exhibition at Le Musée en Herbe.

Although it’s been so long since he last had a show in Paris its not as if he has neglected his home city, where he has continued to place his mosaic art-works on the streets amassing a total of 1264 works in Paris alone (as of the unveiling of his show on 24th January) and a whopping total of 3403 Invaders in 67 Cities worldwide, which has got to make him one of the most proficient street artists of all time.

With the launch of the mobile app Flash Invaders 2 years ago, his popularity has further increased with Space Invader Hunters travelling the World in the pursuit of ‘Flashing’ as many Invaders as they can possibly find.  It’s an obsessive hobby and the players in the top ten are enormously dedicated having amassed more than 40,000 points and flashed more than 1,300 Invaders to get there. At the very time of writing this review the total number of flashes using the app has just passed 500,000 (congratulations to all involved) and with an Instagram following exceeding 400k his 8-bit pixel based art creations are becoming ever more popular….. So this show really was something that was hotly anticipated.

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