“A friendly takeover” Boris ‘Delta’ Tellegen at MiMa

By on 3rd March 2017

We finally got a chance to visit Boris ‘Delta’ Tellegens’ show “A Friendly Takeover” at MiMa Brussels. With “A Friendly Takeover” Delta was given control of the first three floors of the museum. It shows his evolution from writing graffiti in the 80’s in Amsterdam, to his more recent gallery work in Paris and everything in between. An impressive overview of this awesome Dutch artist. We’ll let the photo’s speak for itself.

If you would like to see more of Delta’s work, he recently published his book 8697, which is basicly a copy of his blackbook from that period, full of sketches and photo’s. The original was falling apart and this was his way to preserve it forever. The best part is we can now all have a copy, I can heartily recommend it. It’s available at MiMa and online at www.apaperbook.com

The Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art, or MiMa for short is a fantastic initiative from the people that brought you Alice Gallery. Located in an old Brewery in Molenbeek Brussels this is Europes first museum dedicated to streetart. They opened strong last year with Citylights, a groupshow with artists Maya Hayuk, Swoon, Momo and Faile. We might have to upload some pics of that later, as well as some pictures of their permanent collection which is shaping up to be pretty impressive too. With some household names as Espo, Horfe, Todd James, Huskmitnavn and Parra, who also designed their logo.

By chance we had a chat with Raphael Cruyt when we visited Delta’s soloshow at Alice Gallery last year and he told us about their plans for the museum, we can only say that these two shows are only the beginning and MiMa has a promising future ahead of it!

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