Walled Off Hotel – Museum

By on 17th March 2017

2017 is the centenary year of the British rule of Palestine. The Walled Off hotel stands as a symbolic monument to those heady days of colonialism that sent this region into such turmoil and then within the Hotel there is a museum that offers some insight into the history & events that have brought us to current day Palestine. Showing how the conflict affects not only those considered combatants but the harsh realities of living everyday life as a Palestinian. 

There were some Banksy gems hidden amongst the displays including some spent stencils and ‘The Scales of Justice’ a very strong piece assessing the cost and equality of life. The short film ‘5 Cameras’ provides another very real and honest account of life under occupation. And listen out for the phone, it only rings faintly but I really didn’t believe the recording that was played down the line until I spoke with some of the assistants on hand within the museum who gave their account of life in Palestine. I don’t believe the material in the museum takes sides, it simply presents facts of Palestinian life and the rules and bounds they are forced to live within, the viewer is left to make of the information what they will.


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