Invader – Masterpieces at Galerie Le Fuevre

By on 28th March 2017

Galerie Le Feuvre recently opened a show dedicated to the works of Space Invader, entitled Masterpieces it features some of the earliest artwork from Invader that pre-dates the beginnings of his worldwide Invasion.  

As well as featuring the four early pieces there was a vast collection of other work from original 1/1 studio pieces, Aliases, examples of the Mosaic edition Invasion Books produced over the years and a beautiful collection of Rubik Cubism pieces. 

This isn’t actually a solo-show in an official sense as Space Invader currently has a long running show at Le Museé en Herbe which has been featured previously by WhereTheresWalls here but there was a very large collection of work on display and available for sale. 

As you entered the main gallery the first three Masterpieces adorned the wall to the right and the largest piece against the back wall. To the left were an array of mosaic works consisting of aliases and unique 1/1 studio works.  

I was intrigued by the piece on the back wall, whilst I could make out it was some sort of highway or cityscape it seemed really quite basic, understandable really when you consider it such an early piece, then as I lifted my camera the piece came to life and I was pretty staggered at just how much detail he had been able to create with mosaic. This was put together before digital smart phones were around so I don’t know how he managed to construct it so well.  It was great to see such early works and well worth the trek for those alone. 


In the middle of the front gallery there was a spiral staircase leading down to a small basement where there were some record cover inspired Rubik Cubism pieces, including The Doors and Blondie’s Parallel Lines. In the centre of the room was one of the original Space Invader Waffle Machines. 

Back in the main gallery and down a long connecting corridor you can find an original Warning! Invader Road Sign as well as a complete set of the Mosaic Edition Invasion Books, from the early Paris 1.0 all the way to the gold tiled Hong Kong Invasion book. 

The rear gallery housed a fantastic collection of the Rubik Cubism works from the Bad Men collection as well as two Lichtenstein pieces, Embrace and Oh, Alright. A nice small Rubik Invader sitting high with a Skate Deck encased in a perspex box. All in all it provided a very broad selection of Invader’s work and, as an Invader fan was again really great to see. 

The show runs until April 15th – full details here   

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