Nick Walker – Unspoken Words at Galerie Brugier-Rigail

By on 28th March 2017

Nick Walker opened his latest solo-show in Paris this week at Gallerie Brugier-Rigail. Even with all the rain in Paris that night (and they say England is wet 😉  ) there were plenty out to see his new body of work and celebrate the opening night……And if that wasn’t enough he was back again on the 25th for the launch of a new box-set containing a mini-print and a book of the works on display.

Nick was in excellent form, happy to chat and sign books for those that came along. He seems genuinely pleased with this new body of work and I have to say we were very impressed. 

His distinct style of stencilling is instantly recognisable as is the use of his Vandal Logo and the Vandal himself, appearing in many of his works. The intricacy and detail in his work is fantastic and the complexity of some of his stencils must take immense patience and skill to be able to produce without destroying the whole piece. 

The colour palette for the majority of work was kept simple, monochrome or golds and reds which worked very well. The image of the Vandal Balloon sailing over the Brooklyn bridge was beautifully executed. There were a small selection of works to provide the backdrop to his style of work, a Hong Kong street scene, NYC Street Scene, Ghetto Vandals as well as the nine-piece canvas spelling out VANDALISM as painted by the original Vandal. Ghost Letters and ghost vandals along with a couple of great Paris Metro scenes adorned the walls in the upper mezzanine.   

Another show that is definitely worth a visit and with the Box-set of Signed Mini-print and book, an edition of 100 at only €150 then its worth grabbing one of those too.

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