Jerome Lagarrigue – Tipping Point at Lazarides Gallery

By on 10th April 2017

The show is very nearly over but as we had all the pics we thought we’d share them anyway… 

Tipping Point at Laz is a riotous collection of oil on canvas paintings and charcoal studies, having never seen Jerome’s work before it made a pleasant change to find something that was both visually enjoyable and had a powerful story to tell. There are paintings of varying sizes in the front with the rear gallery hosting most of the larger pieces. The gas mask piece was the stand out work of the show for us but they were all very nicely produced and the study sketches added a nice touch to the development of the work. I think it would be easy to draw similarities between Jerome and some of Conor Harrington’s earlier work, but nonetheless it was a very impressive collection and well worth seeing if you still have the chance . 

The full gallery of pictures can be found below – they are a mix of opening night and a more recent visit to get some clearer pics. 

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