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By on 21st May 2017

As always I hadn’t fully paid attention to the press release and was expecting to see at least some Know Hope as his work is always very endearing and thought provoking. In that respect I was disappointed to find that this was nothing to do with Know Hope and was more of a personal project that he had been able to represent in the form of this show. 

It was indeed very poignant, having invited people from different religious, political and cultural backgrounds from within Palestine and Israel to write letters about their life or life events, he then took words from each letter and carved then onto representations of the Segregation Wall. The accumulated dust kept and placed in bottles. 

The exhibition presented the letters in their entirety within a wooden case along with an ink drawing of olive tree roots, the tool used to carve into the wall and the jars of dust collected from the carving. In the back Gallery hung the imitation sections of segregation wall. Each with a phrase carved into the wall. Beneath the wooden casing hung Olive Tree Roots to symbolise peace and unity.  The final part of the exhibition was a screening  of Addam talking about his motivations, inspirations and meanings of the show.  

If you took the time to read the letters and then consider the wall and its representation with the words carved right through it becomes a very emotive show. It highlights the stark contrasts and impacts it has on people’s lives, how the occupation has taken away loved ones or forced people into a life of poverty and an endless struggle just to survive, what the wall symbolises and how hope persists that one day things will once again change for the better. 

The Show runs until the 10th June

  Taken from the Lazarides website….

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