Nathaniel Mary Quinn at Half Gallery

By on 24th May 2017

On that Faithful Day, refers to when Quinn, 15 years old, came home to an empty apartment. His father and brothers were no longer there. His mother had recently passed away, and he was now all alone. 

The gallery was a tough find, hidden down a path – a door to the left above a high end clothing boutique. I was buzzed up into what looked like somebody’s apartment, without the furniture. Clothes were thrown all over the floor like somebody has left in a hurry. Al Green’s , How Can You Mend a Broken Heart played in the background. This must have been the scene that Quinn came home to as a 15 year old on the South Side of Chicago. The works consisted of portraits of Quinns mom and self-portraits of himself. The works were a mashup of man-boy, male-female, mixed races, hope and despair – mostly a combination of black charcoal, gauche, pastel and/or oil (paint and stick).

If you’re in NYC and have some time, I highly recommend stopping by and checking out the show. They art is lovely and to my dismay, they had all sold before the show even started.

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