Charlie Ahern at PPOW Gallery

By on 6th June 2017

Scratch Ecstasy :  May 18 – June 24, 2017

Charlie Ahern has been documenting street culture and hip-hop since the 1970’s in NYC through photography and films [The Deadly Art of Survival (1978), The Times Square Show (1980) and Wild Style (1983)]. This show represents the totality of Ahern’s work and his insight into the people who defined/helped create the movement.

The show consists of silkscreen paintings and video/music that reflected the times. The works exhibited for the first time are brightly colored, reflecting the time period and capture the era of hip-hop and graffiti culture. The centrepiece of the exhibit is “Scratch Ecstasy” a slide show made around 1980 with music by Grand Wizzard Theodore (creator of the scratch technique). 

If you’re a fan of hip-hop, this is a must see! 

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