Ludo – I’ve Been Missing You – Magda Danysz Gallery

By on 21st July 2017

Ludo recently opened his new solo-show at the Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris. 

“I’ve Been Missing You” presents a new collection of drawings, paintings, photography and sculpture that not only demonstrates his diverse skills as an artist but also provides insight into his activity as a prolific street artist continuing to make his mark all over the world.

I personally have always enjoyed his street work, much more than his studio work but that is really down to having seen much more in the street than a gallery. The impact of being presented his giant, hand painted paste-ups of militarised insects, death and decay as you turn a street corner is something very different from most work you see on the street. That said this was an impressive body of work with the artists own photography of his street work presented on aluminium panels. There are drawings and an array of beautiful canvas work as well, plus some embroidery and Sculpture. 

Magda Danysz is deceivingly large and the show was spread out over 3 floors. The glow lamp bugs made a very impressive installation in the basement with canvases, photography and sculpture spread across the ground and first floor. The artist was on-hand to sign books and mingle with the crowd for the opening night and the Magda Danysz staff were, as always, very helpful and informative. 

The show runs until the 29th July so there’s still time to check it out….

Ludo – I’ve Been Missing You [Exhibition Details]  [Press Release]

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