Paul Insect at Allouche Gallery 2017

By on 30th September 2017

Reflective Minds – a new show of works by Paul Insect will be on view at Allouche Gallery in the Meatpacking District starting September 7th. The title of the exhibition refers to transformation through self-reflection. Within our own minds and reflective qualities, people can create great visions in order to grow, which, according to the artist, is the kind of change that we should strive for. Paul Insect questions genuineness and boldly reaches for his truest self with this body of work. 

We live in a world that rewards the stability of the uncreative, in turn creating a society of individuals who hide behind disingenuous expressions and insincerity. Those people portray themselves as something that they are not, only showing their social side, or the face that they wish to be. Similarly, some of Paul Insect’s new works have a hidden part to them, a reflective quality, which mirrors the secret side of us. Further, the artist’s new still life works are a view of the melting pot world that we live in. 

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