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A Brief History & Where we're going...

Where Theres Walls... are a collective of bloggers, photographers, artists, and collectors that explore art & design in many forms – from Street Art and Urban Festivals to Gallery & Museum Exhibitions of Modern Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture.

As well as delivering our own content, we aim to develop a portal that will open up the world of Urban Contemporary art and give you access to Artists, social feeds, blogs, news & any other platforms that we consider to be worth a look. 


Artists - Lets work together

We want to work with artists and other supporting groups by offering a platform that can be used to promote your work and achievements. We can offer some hosting services for those artists that have limited web presence or for those with an existing site or Store, we can offer a profile page containing links and other information that will broaden your exposure and provide an additional platform to promote your work.

As a primary web-presence we can offer a number of pages to promote your work and provide contact information on top of which we can also offer our store facilities for the sale of new work.

Please use our contact us form or eMail us at info@wherethereswalls.com for more information  

Write for Us

We are always interested in expanding our reach and providing as much coverage of urban / street art, design and anything unique & interesting. If you think you can add something special then let us know more by using our contact us page or by eMail at info@wherethereswalls.com