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Simon Shepherd - Unsubscribed

  • Unsubscribed 15 Bateman Street Soho, London, England, W1D 3AQ United Kingdom (map)
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Following his 2015 debut with London’s Black Rat Gallery, Sculptor Simon Shepherd returns to the Soho space in Bateman Street this July with †UNSUBSCRIBED; a new body of work exploring decay in an upgrade obsessed world

Through two distinct bodies of work Simon’s work focuses the role of tradition, the mediums we associate with its familiarity and the shapes they assume. As our physical world grows more impenetrable through technological advancement and widespread communication, we contend daily with a memory machine that never forgets, vividly recounting your personal nightmares in high definition. Our societies are governed by political systems so plasticly synonymous with greed and power, you could buy it at the store ......and all the while, we carry mortal hearts and minds with no firewall to endure their affects.

Simon’s work has always favoured the familiar and the iconic, his signature approach infuses elements of the surreal to the seemly ordinary to create something new. We recognise the prominence of tradition in his Heart series through the presence of bricks and mortar, a nostalgic association with ‘home’ and adversely in more recent news ‘walls’. Fascias are fully exposed, weathered by time as we celebrate the fragile endurance their shape promotes. Not only do his hearts crack and break, they are further adorned with features which dare the viewer to engage; push the button, flip the switch or lift the veil.

Vulnerability and decay are explored more psychologically in his figurative works as Simon examines our fragile sense of self worth. Mass production of the perfect woman emerging from her mould, through to the darker risqué cyber imprisionment of your own integrity.

Whether demonstrating the ‘for better’ or ‘for worse’, Simon’s relatable sculptural works present a wildly conflicting perspective on the relationship between progress and tradition. †unsubscribed represents the culmination of two years studio time for Simon and his first self production with producer and curator Charlotte Pyatt.

We subscribe to so much information we barley digest what we receive, a three second scroll through the content before we open the next, our inboxes clogged like arteries... Junk. July 20th; Simon invites you to join him in †unsubscribe-ing.